Monday, November 9, 2009

Tot-School Letter A (part 1)

Tot School
~Diego is 27 months~

Ah, I'm back at Tot-School!
Well, I decided to go with Mozi Esme's alphabet based Tot-School, only with some adjustments, we speak Spanish, so same approach and 2 week plan, only in Spanish...I didn't know how difficult finding educational stuff in Spanish is, mostly I use Primera Escuela, but I'm having a hard time finding more places. Other "obstacle" I've encountered is the lack of libraries here in Puerto Rico, there's one where I live but the last time we went, there was no book loan system, so I have to buy the books I want to read for the week! It's tough but I will make it!

Now, a couple of weeks ago on October 23 @ 12:30 am or so, I was at the computer and a felt a huge rumble, at first I thought it was thunder but then the whole house trembled, I ran up the stairs as fast as I could...when we look out the window we saw an orange glow and a lot of smoke. The next day we went to the mall and saw this! A Gulf gas storage facility exploded, it was a pretty scary sight! Diego kept saying"humo"(smoke) whenever he saw the smoke column. It lasted about 3 days until the firefighters could extinguish it.

Diego watching the smoke with daddy.

---------------------------------- Now Tot-School--------------------------------------------

We did an "A" Lapbook. The cover is the letter A covered with thumb print abejas(bees). On the inside, left side is a wheel with some A word pictures, a Bible verse, and an A mini book in Spanish from here. On the right side, there are 2 "games" I made: the top one is two flower pockets and alphabet bees, both uppercase and lowercase, so he can fly them over to the correct type of flower. And the one on the bottom is so he can count to ten with airplanes.
On the back is an A art book from here and an arcoiris(rainbow) he colored.

He played with this ABC puzzle, he did not want to put it back though.

Reading "A is for Airplane/A es para Avión" by Theresa Howell.
Diego already knows and recognizes all the letters, both uppercase and lowercase and the numbers 1-10, we only have a problem with #3.

Coloring "El arca de Noé" (Noah's Ark) mini book.

Watching some Hi-5 videos on YouTube, this one is about "A" animals,
araña y abeja (spider and bee).

He went back to color Noah.

And the Ark.

And he played with some animals. We don't have an ark, so this was his ark!

Books we read this week:
A is for airplane/A es para Avión (Theresa Howell)
Cómo plantar un arcoiris (Lois Ehlert)
¿De qué está hecho el arcoiris? (Betty Ann Schwartz)
El avión de Angela (Robert Munsch)
Katy no tiene bolsa (Emmy Payne)

We did more stuff but sadly no pictures. This week "A Tot-School" continues.
For more tot-school ideas go here.

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