Monday, November 16, 2009

Tot-School Letter A (part 2)

Tot School
~Diego is 27 months~

I'm sorry I only have 2 pictures to show this week...I forgot to charge the camera!

Well, we continued with our Alphabet tot-school, our last week with letter A!
We watched some videos on YouTube about how abejas(bees) make honey, we also watched some on aviones (planes).
We also talked about Australia. We watched more videos on YouTube: Diego loved this one! He was doing the same noises as the kookaburra, we also heard Australia's National Anthem, again, on YouTube ( I love YT!) Diego now recognizes Australia's map, and says Australia!

Diego did some aboriginal dot painting. I got the idea from here.

He also painted an Australian flag. This is as far as he got painting it.

We were thinking of baking some galletas de azĂșcar (sugar cookies), with A word shapes, but it never got done.

This week we start Letter B! For more tot-school ideas go here.

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