Monday, October 26, 2009

Some stuff we've done for the past 2 months!

Tot School
~Diego is 27 months old~

I apologize for not posting for 2 months. But Diego has had major temper tantrums so no Tot-School was held. I'm planning to start again in November and pray for happy times with this Terrible 2's!

But we've managed to do some fun stuff, learning included!

We went to the zoo and compared his size to that of an eagle...thank God in Puerto Rico there are no eagles, apart form the ones at the zoo. :)

At least he's bigger than a penguin!

We went kite flying!

And played in cannon balls @ El Morro.

And touched some 500 + year old cannons.

We also went to an eco-park where most things are made of recycled material...he loved it, we loved it too.... definitely going back!

Music with PVC pipes and a flip flop sole!

Hitting the gong!

Please pray for us, so we can have an easy new attempt at Tot School!

For more Tot School ideas go here.

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  1. Looks like a great week! Good luck with more Tot School. Looking forward to seeing your post next week.