Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday, Rainforest, River and more!!!

Tot School
~Diego is 24 months~

Happy 2nd Birthday Diego!

This pic was on his actual birthday, just us 3 and some cupcakes!

Now his B-Day party!!

He doesn't like the bouncy castle :(


"writing" on his chalkboard

playing with the stackable blocks

I'm trying to help him identify properly the far he knows only 5 (cow, lion, cat, monkey, and dog, although he doesn't say "perro" he says Toffee which is our dog's name :P )

Then he went for the first time to our National Rainforest El Yunque..we decided to hike to the highest part...a 2+ hour hike...he decided he wasn't walking so 2+ hours carrying him, it wasn't easy!! But he got to see various plants and waterfalls and flowers, he enjoyed it!

We saw many butterflies, Diego was thrilled! My sister-in-law told me this particular one is a Puerto Rican Ringlet (Calisto nubila), I had never seen one!

We also saw many different flowers.

Explored the fallen trees on our path.

We finally reached the peak!! It was very cold and very foggy, all you could see was white!

Diego taking a break as we went down.

We then went to a river... he liked it eventhough the water was freezing cold, he didn't even cry!

The thing he enjoyed the most was throwing rocks into the water. I guess boys will be boys!

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