Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tot-school at last...well, a little bit of it!

Tot School
~Diego Alejandro is 23 months old~

The past couple of weeks have been quite crazy over here, so very little Tot-School occured. This is the compilation of what we did on those couple of weeks.

I bought this Melissa & Doug puzzle, he liked stacking them or putting them on a straigth line.

We read a couple of books, like Pez Arcoiris (Rainbow Fish), and this one ¡David huele!
(David Smells!) he likes them!

Playing with another Melissa & Doug puzzle, he finally put the dinosaurs where they belong!

Painting on the Aqua Doodle...likes it but only for a couple of minutes...he prefers sucking the water off the pen!!

Diego's great-grandma made this letter and number set for him. She painted a cardboard white and cut some tiles and wrote the numbers and letters on them, he enjoys them a lot!

We are trying to start potty training far he has peed 4 times on it but no #2 yet :(

We went to the park on a very, very hot day, and he went on the slide by himself for the very first time!! He couldn't get enough!

Then off to my cousin's pool he had a blast! This kiddo LOVES the water!!

That's it for our Tot-School, I hope we can do more activities this week!
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  1. What a great week! Mine loves the water, too.... and puzzles. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We are a big fan of Melissa and Doug puzzles here too!! Sunshine got the farm one for her birthday and she too loves to stack them!