Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's been a while!

I was quite busy for the past few weeks so I was no able to post anything here, sorry for that!
But we manage to do some fun stuff, so here is what Diego is been up to so far.

Doing artwork on the walls!

And eating the's non-toxic, thank God!

We went to the park, he played with leaves and sticks mostly.

Then he did some exercise.

He played with his cousin.

And helped daddy with the cameras :)

We played at the hotel.

And played some more.
(on a side note: that day we were filming the opening for the pageant we are woking on, and while daddy did that I took Diego to the playground that was so near to the pool, as you can see in the pics, well there was this kid playing with a ball in the pool, and Diego loves balls so he decided to walk into the pool to get the ball, luckily he only got his feet wet!)

Finally we went to the beach after almost a year. Yeah, I know we live on a tropical island and we are surrounded by beautiful beaches, but we just didn't have a chance to actually go and swim until this past monday. Let's just say Diego wasn't that thrilled with the beach.

See! He didn't liked touching the sand with his hands, or getting anywhere near the water, he was way more interested in getting a ball that some guys were playing volleyball with.

Then we decided to put this on him to go to the water, he looked so funny :) In the water I was not allowed to carry him, only daddy, if I dared to hold him, he would scream and cry, but with daddy he enjoyed the water for a bit.

running towards the water just to go back when the water was near his feet!

I guess we need to go more often to the beach!

Bye for now!

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